About Us


" Libitii-Bitou, limabitii mabitou "


Libitii is a new family-oriented company with the ambition of promoting Moroccan craftsmanship.

Project matured in Paris, Libitii is strongly anchored in Morocco. Its name is an example of this: "Libitii" is extracted from a popular Moroccan adage expressing the desire to please.

"Libitii-Bitou, limabitii mabitou". In literal translation, this would give "what you wish, I wish and what you don't wish, I don't wish"

Libitii's universe finds its roots in Berber and Moroccan crafts and contemporary African art. Benefiting from ancestral family know-how, we mainly sell carpets, but also household linen, mirrors, candle holders and other decorative accessories respecting the minimalism inherent in Berber craftsmanship and the warmth of African art.

Our creativity leads us to use different natural materials such as wool, wood, copper and brass to create useful and decorative objects at the same time.

Our handcrafted products are produced by the hands of the

man, so they are unique and exclusive. Their all relative imperfections contribute to their character and beauty